Attacking Emotions - Monday Reflections

I felt like a poser.

Everyone I talked to was doing just fine and here I was drowning in lies and sorrow.

That's how last year went for me. Much of the year was spent in tears, face on the floor in prayer, and getting rid of a lot of junk I thought wasn't there (by "getting rid of" I mean the Lord took that junk and freed me from it).

I finally came clean with Him.

I opened up. I laid my heart bare.

I truly felt so much better, but there was still a twinge of dissatisfaction; a small part of my heart was still gripped with feelings of worthlessness and little hope.

Why is this there? I wondered.

Did you know Satan is a liar and God's enemy? So naturally he is going to want to lie and try to defeat God's children.

Satan will attack your emotions.

In the time where God is chiseling and making you more like His Son, Satan will attack your emotions by telling you half-truths.

You're not good enough.

True. But there's another part to that sentence,

You're not good enough, but JESUS paid the price for your freedom.

When you recognize Satan for who he is- a liar, then you are able to defeat those lies with truth (aka God's Word).

So I want to encourage y'all (because it's Monday and we all need some encouragement to start out the week!), ask the Lord to open your eyes to the lies of the enemy. Ask Him to give you eyes of Truth. And also seek out the truth. Seek it in His Word and in prayer, and in your daily routines.

Because He is everywhere and His hand is at work.

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