Because They Matter

Barack Obama called me yesterday.

Okay, maybe it was a recording, but it still counts, right? ;P

I usually hang up on those recordings because it's the same thing they told you the last time you got one of those phone calls.

But this time I listened.

He began with a speech he had made a few weeks ago after the Sandy Hook shooting and I had totally forgotten it (the speech, not the shooting). He talked about how those children's lives mattered and how we need stricter gun laws and then a woman came on the line asking for help in making gun laws stricter in my area.

I hung up the phone a little angry.

I agree that the lives of those sweet children that were killed mattered, but considering it was the Roe vs. Wade anniversary for legalizing abortion, forgive me for thinking that he should have mentioned something about the children that are killed daily by abortion- that their lives matter too.

Or do they not matter to our President and countless others?

I'm not saying this to bash anybody. I'm not saying that their lives don't matter to him or that they do. Only President Obama can speak for himself. But wouldn't you want your life to matter to others? Wouldn't you want someone to fight for you?

And Jesus has put us here to fight for these children as He has fought (and won) for us.

Because we are to be His hands and feet, we who call ourselves followers of Christ.

Because you calling him or her a "fetus" doesn't make them not a baby; a living and breathing child.

Their lives' matter and we either agree with that and prove it by what we do now to help, or we disagree with that and live thinking only of ourselves.

God, break me from this selfishness and help me be like You, caring for the children who haven't yet seen the light of day and praying for those who don't know if they can make it with a child.

If you're thinking of having an abortion: you can't raise a child on your own, no, but you can with His help. You are not judged by me, friend. God is willing to help you.

If you've already had an abortion: Again, you are not condemned by me. We are all sinners and have a great need for our Savior and that's why He came- to save us. Don't let your feelings of shame keep you from coming to the Lord. He loves you.

When you have some time later, check out the 180 movie.

I hope we're all moved to act. Lord, move us to act.


  1. The 180 movie is so good! I'm surprised so many people have no idea who Hitler was.
    I'm going DC for the March for Life this weekend to protest Roe v Wade at the Supreme Courthouse. It's not going to save people or fix the ideas people have, but it is true that we can stand in the gap for people without voices.

    1. Amen, amen. Agreed that it won't save people (unless by God's hand) or "fix their ideas", but I believe the Lord will move in many hearts. Thanks for standing, sis. God bless you!


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