Her Glory

Many of you know I have a huge heart for women and women's ministry. (It might have something to do with being a woman. ;) )

I've been praying for opportunities to be able to share His heart to women and some of that has been answered on this blog (praise the Lord!!), but recently I got a HUGE and WONDERFUL opportunity.

So without further ado I introduce... *drum roll*

Her Glory.

My lovely friend, Aysha has had this idea on her heart for quite some time. God finally brought it all together and she invited me and a couple other amazing women to come be writers, photographers, etc. for the blog and magazine.

The purpose?

To breathe life. To show women their worth in Christ. To share stories. To have a community.*

This is a beautiful blessing from the Lord. I'm super pumped for it to get going!

The launch for the blog and magazine is March 1st (you don't want to miss that so put it on your calender!!), but there's plenty to read and look at until then.

Go to the Her Glory page and like it and then you may want to check out the Pinterest page!

Please be in prayer for Her Glory, Aysha, and all of us who a part. Pray that God be exalted and lives be changed by His awesome hand.

*There is a mission statement if you want to read it. Leave me a comment and I'll get that to ya'! :)

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