Let Go - Monday Reflections

Too many arguments, too little praying. I head to my room to pray.

I begin praying and decide to turn on some worship music. The music is going and I'm silent for a while.

He speaks,

"Let go."

I know exactly what that means.

Tears are streaming.

Good friends, good conversations, good times.

She begins telling us how her husband came to Christ. It's beautiful.

Then, she starts saying how she had to let go and trust God with him. That she couldn't try and make him come to Jesus, that only God could do that.

And I'm amazed by how the Lord works.

I want them to know Christ. I want them to have this relationship with Him, but too much time has been spent attempting to make them into what I want and not trusting Him to mold them into His image more and more daily.

I've been trying to force this into happening and it reminds me how small my faith is that I think my hand must be a part of this or it won't get done.

But God is faithful. He is working and moving.

So He tells me to let go and trust Him and I write it on my mirror and pray it daily because I need it as a reminder every single day and I need His help to do it.

Friday night I let go of trying to save them and let God do His work. I choose to love them as they are... to love them through Him.

I'm letting go and trusting Him.

Simple words, hard task. Hard task, mighty Savior.
Amen, hallelujah.

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