Remembering Is Good

There are many memories I have that I hate to be reminded of.

Like the time I fell off some bleachers onto my back and had the entire room staring at me. Even now I cringe just thinking about it (and I laugh because it was pretty hilarious!).

But there are some memories that are necessary to remember.

My past. Who I was. That’s important.


Because if I don’t stop to remember who I was, then I won’t praise God for who I am.

I won’t remember the things that Jesus saved me from.

However, we must be careful. Careful not to allow the Enemy’s lies to fill our heads.

I’ve had that happen many times.

I remember who I was a couple years ago, the sin I was living in, and the chains that had me so tight (and I thought that was fun?!) and I begin to feel shame. I begin to tell myself how big of a loser I am and how God doesn’t want losers and then pretty soon I’m slumped in my bed... crying.

God loves losers. He loves those who come to Him with open arms and lets Him know straight up that without Him they are losers for life. Because in reality- that’s the truth.

Remembering leads me to giving thanks.

Thanks that I am not who I was and by the sacrifice Jesus gave on the cross, I never have to return to that. Truly, I am a new creation.

Don't be afraid to remember. Don't be scared of what the Devil may throw at you. "He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world." (1 Jonh 4:4) Trust His promises.

You are new, friend.

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