"Step Into The Light."

It’s dark.

Cowered in a corner, I hide.

And I cry.

I’m filthy. Have been since birth and I can’t change it.

I’ve washed and washed and washed.I’ve worked, oh, how I've worked, but nothing changes.

“Step into the Light.”

The voice is gentle, but I’m afraid.

The father of lies (the only father I’d ever known) tells me not to.

So I don’t.

I live in that dark corner for years... filthy.

“Step into the Light.”

He has said this over and over and now I choose to believe. I say okay and I move.

Slowly at first, but then I pick up pace and pretty soon I’m running. I run into the light and I feel freedom for the first time.

For the first time in my life I see this God that the Devil said hated me, and He doesn’t really hate me at all. He hates my filth. And so gently, but firmly He begins to wash.

And He washes me clean.
I stand in awe. He just did what I tried, but failed to do. I had worked so hard. I tell Him that.

He says, “I know. But you can do all things through Me and only Me.”

The way He says it, I know it’s true.

I had to step into the Light to realize I was in the dark. And how dark it was.

I had to choose to run to Him, the One who called me, in order to get out of that dark corner with the dark lifestyle.

He's calling. He's moving. He'll change you. He loves you. You can't wash yourself clean, but He can.

Step into the Light.


  1. We do hide in the darkness, we do fear that our imperfections will be magnified in the light...but when we step into HIS light.... HE uses those imperfections as only HE can.

    thank you for how you inspire and encourage



    1. Thanks for your sweet words! Yes, we can all be thankful that He uses even our imperfections for His glory. ^_^

      Blessings! <3


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