Why I Don't Do New Year's Resolutions Anymore...

I want to lose 20 pounds.

I want to make more friends.

I want to save more money (or make more money).

Most of these statements are made at the beginning of the year.

For Christians, many of us do the same, making new year's resolutions. We make promises to love people more, forgive often, "let go and let God", pursue Christ more, etc. I used to name a verse for the year.
Last year I picked a verse from John.

(We're about to get to the reason why I don't make resolutions anymore...)

I picked that verse and read it and re-read it for several days. I memorized it and prayed it. But what happened was God had something better in mind. Something that fit my year better than the verse I originally chose.

That verse ended up being Psalm 115:1. It came to me somewhere around May or June of last year. It fit my life perfectly for last year.

I don't make new year's resolutions anymore because I don't want to be more focused on my plans than on His.

Now, first off let me state that I'm not saying if you make new year's resolutions you're of the devil or living in sin or any of that. I don't even think it's bad. This is just me personally, something that I've found fit better for me.**

Now that that's said... I've found that when I just say, "Okay God, here is the new year, I surrender it to You, I let You have free reign, do what You will." He answers that with doing exactly what He wants and giving me exactly what I need.

I used to make resolutions every December 31st. That's how I spent my night. I would journal tons of goals and things I wanted to happen. The problem was I never really consulted the Lord on any of those things and really I only did it because everyone else was doing that. It was "the thing" to do.

I was exhausted sometimes trying to think up ideas.

But God isn't that way. We can't exhaust His mind. He has fresh, new, we'd-never-think-of-that dreams for us all. I don't know about you, but that brings me a lot of peace and joy!

All of this is not to say that I don't dream or make goals. I do (as of now I have one or two goals for 2013... yeah you can call me a dreamer. ;P), but I'm really more of a person who likes to just let it happen, let Him lead, and really just wait for Him. There are others who go out and make things happen and God honors that and allows them to have a hand in many different things.

That's why we're a Body. We need people like me and people like the "go-getters" and people like you.

So, I want to stress to you that even if you've made plans or made goals or picked a verse for 2013, keep your mind open. Allow the Lord to really move you wherever and whenever He wants. It'll be for His glory and your absolute best, I promise.

Happy New Year!!

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." - Proverbs 16:9

* Note:To any guys who read my blog, sorry for all the pink! Just wanted to change it up. ;)

** I also believe that God places certain dreams and desires in our hearts so that we can act on them (in His time) and still honor Him while doing those things.There is a time for everything and I believe there is a time for risks to be taken too. Those things that you don't really pray about before you do, you just go and trust He'll honor that because it glorifies Him.


  1. Hi Li'l Sis!
    You summed up how I feel about the resolution scene. God's doing new things, isn't he? God's providing daily, isn't he? I don't think it's wrong to set goals or work hard to attain our dreams if they are noble and right. But resolutions to do such and such and so-and-so in the New Year have always been replaced by new plans the Lord gives. I never thought I would be called to overseas missions. But it came. And suddenly it seemed like a really good idea. If things hadn't fallen into place just how God had wanted them to be, I would have said no. Sometimes God leads us down seemingly "dead ends" in order to make us grow and see His power in new ways in our life!
    Happy New Year, let the Lord have His way!
    I need to write you an email. ;-)
    <3, Big sis :-)

    1. Exactly! I think of it as the manna that God gives daily. While it's good to dream about things, it's also good to just believe that God will give in His timing. And He indeed provides.

      Happy new year! Love you! <3


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