Why I Wear A Purity Ring

Isaiah 54:5
I picked it out a couple years ago.

I didn’t want diamonds or something flashy(those that know me have shocked faces from that statement!), or something that said, “True Love Waits”- no offense to any of those things. I just wanted something that represented me in Christ.

So I got a silver band with hearts around it that said Matthew 5:8,

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

And I do.


I see Him in the sunset, the moon, the flowers that randomly pop up all over my yard (otherwise known as weeds. haha!)
I see Him in His Word, in Kari Jobe’s new worship cd, and many other things.

I got my purity ring not to pledge myself to a man I may never meet, but to remind myself of the commitment I made to my Savior so many years ago.

I wear my purity ring to remind me of the marriage I am in right now. (Is. 54:5)

The marriage that beckons me to walk holy and pure, not to earn my way to holiness or being made pure, but because He has made me holy and pure.

Jesus died on the cross so we could be His forever.

Is that enough?

The desire to be married is not a sin... at all.
It’s a God given desire and He will honor it if it be a part of His plan for your life, but you must be willing to give it up and say, “Yes, Lord, if singleness be Your will for me, I will be single for You.”

Because before we women were made for men, we were made for God. We were made to bring Him glory. We were made to be wholly His.

Our identity always has been and always will be in Him. Married or single. Divorced or widowed. Let Him define your life. He never fades, the things of this world will.

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