I Can't Be Strong Enough

I can't be strong enough for you.

I'm not sorry about that. Ask me a few weeks ago and I would have apologized, but not today. Not anymore.

I'm not sorry because I know Christ is strong enough for the both of us.

I know He makes up for what I lack and for what you lack.

This past week has been a roller coaster emotion wise. I'm tired and frustrated. I'm learning what it means to let go, to surrender to His control, and to trust in His grace.

Easier said than done.

When things go against your flesh, you gotta trust that His spirit in you is stronger.

I've learned to trust in myself and in what I can control.

That's not good.

When things are out of my control I get upset and frustrated and this week God has really opened my eyes to that.

"Trust Me."

He says over and over.

I can't be perfect or make you love me. I can't do everything "just right" or make up for the things in your life that are lacking. Sometimes I'll say things that hurt others and sometimes I won't say anything because I don't know what to say.

All this to remind you not to trust in me or another human for life that only the One who died on a cross can give.

I can't be strong enough, but God is. Trust in Him, not in man.*

I repeat these words to myself daily.

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