Lost Expectations - Monday Reflections

I'm losing my expectations.

I think it's a good thing.

Not that I don't dream or hope, because I do both. The expectations I'm losing are the ones I have of people.

My expectations damage friendships.

Example: some things didn't go my way last Friday and I pouted and gossiped about this person for a while (Father, forgive me.) and then I got up and had to repent. I went to have worship and my heart was crushed with what I'd just been doing for the past 2 hours.

James 3:9-10.

What if I loved people as they are? What if I stopped trying to make everyone fit into my little bubble of "right" and realize that the only right One is Christ? What if instead of spending an hour in gossip, I spent an hour in conversation and pray with them?

This letting go process is painful.
It's also worth it.

Because as I let go I surrender my plans, dreams, hopes, etc. for His. I don't lose it all for nothing, I gain Christ and who He is. This is an awesome thing to be a part of, y'all!

As Christ has redeemed me, so He redeems the rest of the world and as Christ has confronted me in my sin, so He will confront others. I don't have to force you to be like Him because that's His work and your choice.

I can still love those I disagree with. 1 Corinthians 13. (check out v. 5)

I'm sorry for placing unfair expectations on people who were being themselves.

Lord Jesus, love through me.

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