Rings vs. Christ

I finished watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy the other night... for the second time in my life. *Thumbs up*

By far one of my favorite movie series for sure. While I watched them, though, there was one thought I had to fight back.

What was that thought?

It's just a ring.

Why was I fighting it?

Because isn't that what we do daily?
I'm convicted by my own thoughts.

We consider something of little to no value, eternally speaking, as something of the most value and we. just. can't. give. it. up. We won't give it up.

And all the while the Father is standing there, telling us that we must give it up and take up our crosses and He will be with us and yes, it's hard but He'll be there.

So I ask... is He enough?

Is Jesus Christ and all He is enough for us?

Kind of arrogant to say He isn't, but be honest with yourself.

The problem is we are condemned without Christ. We are stuck with sin. We can't save ourselves, we can't make ourselves stop sinning (and to believe you can is legalism, trying to "earn your way" to God... and you can't. I've been there before too, friend.)

Do we believe God is who He says He is and will provide for us what He says He will? 'Cause if we do I think our lives and hearts will start looking a little different. We will stop clinging to worthless rings and start clinging to our worthy Savior who now makes us saints- clean and pure before the Father because of His sacrifice.


I think we don't know Him well enough. Or we don't believe Him. Or both.

All we are can be traded in for all He is.

And He is enough.

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