I live in a free country.

I take it for granted sometimes. But not lately... as least, not as much.

Think of this- you're a Christian, you love Jesus and He has set you free so now you want others to know this same freedom. You decide to actually do something about it and you begin sharing Christ with everyone in your path. Your heart breaks for your people back home, that place you used to live, and you decide to go back.

But there, it's illegal to share Jesus with people. Not only that, it's dangerous.

You get arrested and imprisoned for 8 years in one of the toughest prisons. You've been lied to so much that you begin to lose all hope that anyone, even your own family, is trying to do anything to get you out.

Does that break your heart?

It does mine. I've spent many days these past couple weeks thinking of a man who has been enduring all those things. I've cried for him, his family, and others who are going through the same. I've prayed for his abusers and accusers.

There's one thing I would love for all of y'all to do- go here and sign the petition. When you're done with that, will you please pray for Saeed, his family, and his accusers?
If you're on Twitter feel free to follow @savesaeed.

This is our brother and he's hurting. We can either care about him and do what we can where we are right now by God's hand, or we can look away and pretend it's not happening because it messes with our happy-go-lucky attitudes.

I pray we stand with him as we all stand for Christ.

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