Eat Well, Work Well, Feel Well.

Exercise is a huge part of my life. I workout every day. Sometimes it’s just walking, sometimes jogging, sometimes weights, and sometimes a combination of all three.

I believe exercise is a wonderful gift from God. As someone who has struggled with gluttony (idolatry to food) all my life, I can tell you that exercise isn’t something that just affects my body, it affects my mind and heart as well.

For instance, I went to a leadership camp last year and because I didn’t get to have some set out time to exercise, I got really grumpy those last few days (there’s your warning, friends!). When I got home, the first thing I did was put on my tennis shoes, and go walk.

Hey y'all! I've got a post up on Her Glory today and you can read the rest here. While you're there be sure to look around! Got a lot of great writers on the team. Happy Friday!

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