"God gave you a new name and you will grow into it." - pg. 24 of Altar Ego.

I read the words and pray,
Lord, what's the new name You've given me?



Simple, but so very profound.

If people only knew how I always long for a group to fit into. How I always seek approval from someone.
Classic people pleaser.

He says, "Mine."

When I'm a broken mess, He says, "You are mine."

When I'm a fatherless child, He says, "Mine."

When I'm overweight and struggling with food, He says, "You are MINE."

When my doubts are creeping in, He says, "Child, you are Mine."

When I feel like there's nowhere I belong, He says, "You belong to Me."

There's a period at the end. It's not a question mark or a comma. It's not an asterisk as if there's more to it than that. It's a period.

No matter where I am or where my heart is struggling, my new name remains - His.

What new name has the Lord given you? Feel free to leave yours in a comment below!

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