Part 2 of 'Eat Well, Work Well, Feel Well'

"We talked about the benefits of eating well, working well, and how that helps us to live well in my last post. Here, I want to help you find some ways to apply those things.
  • Find a workout that works for you. Some people dig running, some don’t. Some people like Zumba, some don’t. Find what works for you, what you enjoy doing and be consistent with it. If you like walking, then make a commitment to go walking 30 minutes a day. If it’s jump-roping or playing soccer then take some time out to do those things. Have fun with it!
  • Don’t overdo it. Don’t tell yourself you can’t eat _____, ______, and ______ or you’ll feel far too deprived. You can eat a cookie or a piece of candy and it won’t kill you (shocking, right?!), just don’t make your diet mainly cookies and candy. Remember that food is fuel..."
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  1. Hey Girl! I miss everything here! It's very nice to come here and see the thing you write, they're all special!

    God bless you evermore!

    Luciana (From Brazil)


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