Pursuing Justice - Book Review

I could say so many things about this book, but to keep it simple I'll give you one sentence: Ken does a great job of helping Christians remember that we're not supposed to simply be bottoms in a pew, but hands and feet to the world.

Ken lays everything out very beautifully. He talked about a lot of things I think get neglected in churches when it comes to fighting injustice and what that looks like.

One point I really liked was how he said we need to be equipping the people in Africa (just one of many places that this applies) to help their people, not set out on "fixing" Africa and the people there because only God can heal their broken hearts and change lives.

Ken offers practical wisdom on how to fight injustice every day and explains how justice is at the heart of God, and because of that, it should be in our hearts as well.

If you're interested in doing mission work, whether in or out of the country, you need to read this book! No, seriously. It's only roughly 300 pages and each page is filled with so much wisdom and knowledge.

Injustice is not just something missionaries or especially "holy" people need to fight. No, this is something that affects every Christ follower and if you call yourself one then you need to be concerned about what the Lord is concerned about in regards to the poor, the widows, the slaves, etc. Above all, these aren't just people we label as "poor" and "needy" we need to see them as people. More than that, we need to step into their pain and point them to Christ and help them through life. Because God loves them just as much as He loves us. Let's tell them that while we fight through the filth with Christ and make a difference for His kingdom.

Note: This book was given to me for free by booksneeze.com for reviewing purposes.

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