Grace In The Boston Bombings - Monday Reflections

It can be hard to search for grace in the Boston bombings. It's hard not to be so upset by what we've seen that we get angry at God for allowing it. But His tender hand of mercy was there. Despite the two suspects attempts at paralyzing a city, God was there. And is using many people to remind us of the things that truly matter. Here are some things that I saw God's grace in...

  • The police caught the second suspect.
  • Though many were injured and their lives will be forever changed, only 4 people died and God is using the story of their lives to wake people up to His presence.
  • Answers are slowly coming.
  • The little boy that died reminded us all of peace and now he's resting in perfect peace with our Father.
  • The effort of the police was phenomenal and in their quick acts they were able to catch the suspects in a very small amount of time (tell me you don't see grace in that!).
  • People were drawn to help others who were hurt (selfless love) instead of simply running to protect themselves. (I might add that the acts of people like this courageous man have caused me to question how selflessly I'm loving right now. Amazing.)
Those are just a few things. I'm sure there are countless other things to be thankful for. I want to add that I am in no way saying we should "get over it" and move on, forgetting everything that has happened. There are many people wounded physically and mentally and emotionally and they will need months to heal from this. And God allows that. We must continue to pray for them. We also must see His presence in this.

God does not leave His people. He pursues us. He is with us now. Thank You, Lord, for that.

What are some ways you saw grace after the Boston terrorist attacks?


  1. I really enjoyed this! Another thing I noticed (to go along with people "waking up to His presence") is the incredible multitude of people you see sending up prayers for Boston. Skeptics say "oh, they're probably not even Christians except for when bad things happen," and I certainly agree folks should pray always, but I choose to see the glass half full.
    -Riley Herder

    1. Thanks for your comment, Riley! I agree with you about seeing the glass half full and I do think that even if someone prays and they aren't necessarily a Christian doesn't mean that God isn't using that to work in their hearts and lives.

      God bless.


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