What Is Grace?

What is grace?

Grace is a holy God sending His perfect Son to a dying world to save people stuck in sin.

Grace is me, being the flawed, imperfect person I am, yet being covered by His blood.

Grace is being able to tell you that though you are flawed and imperfect and have no means whatsoever of saving yourself, God has made a way (the way) through Jesus Christ.

Grace is sitting outside and reading your favorite book because the Father provided both the outdoors and the book.

Grace is getting on your knees after a really long day and being able to thank (thank!) the God that got you through it (because He didn't have to).

Grace is being able to type these words to you now and knowing that by His grace,  whomever He wants to read it, will.

Grace is not given to us by anything good we've done and grace is not taken away from us by anything bad we've done. He gives grace as He sees fit. (Ephesians 4:7)

Grace is not something any of us can earn and grace is something we will continue to learn about and see the depth (I pray!) a little deeper each day. Thankfully, by the blood of Jesus Christ who died to save, you and I can walk in His grace today.

And so there is grace upon grace. (John 1:16)

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  1. Amen, li'l sis! There is grace upon grace upon grace upon grace... and I could just eat it up! I know I'll never be satisfied with grace. I'll always need and want more!


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