Worship Is A Weapon

Sometimes life can get you down.

Too many late-nights, too many emotions swallowed down, so many jobs to be done, things to be crossed off that to-do list.

You just get tired. Exhausted.

These past few days I've had a lot of struggles with my emotions (again). The other night I watched a conference that Louie Giglio was speaking at. He started speaking on some of his struggles in the past and he said, "Did you know worship is a weapon? Well, it is." (that's my paraphrase because I can't remember his exact words. ;) ) I sat there for a moment thinking about what he just said.

I decided to test it. I was tempted to become overwhelmed and so I just started singing praises to God.

It worked.

My heart was so at home worshiping my Savior. The temptations were gone before I knew it (not instantaneous, but they left nonetheless) and peace from the presence of my Lord was with me.

And so the next day the emotions came and I have to admit I completely forgot to sing praise to Him in those situations. I just let myself be overwhelmed. Then, yesterday came and I sang the praises (after the Holy Spirit reminded me) and let praise welcome His presence into my life. Today, I'm singing His praises again. The emotions are not stronger than my Savior. I welcome His work in my life by banishing praise to anything or anyone else.

I have a challenge  for you. Next time you're dealing with thoughts of lust, anger, pride, etc. or when temptations come knocking at your door, start singing praise songs to the Lord. They don't have to be a Chris Tomlin song (though they can be), they can be simple phrases of love and adoration from your heart and out of your mouth. Either way, let us give Him all the praise because He alone deserves it. Amen?

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  1. AMEN! Worship is a grateful heart for God's work. Spontaneity is key to worship! SO yeah, when the devil attacks and you get angry, sing! Loved this, Tara!


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