Even In The Dark

She practically ran to her room and collapsed on the floor. Physically, she felt fine. Mentally and emotionally she was a wreck.

It was a strange season she was in. Strange emotions, strange trials, strange failures. Life had thrown her a curve and she was positive she could handle it no longer.

Exasperated, she sobbed. Tears fell so fast and so hard. She watched them hit the floor and oddly enough (what other emotion would go with such a strange season?) she started to feel peace.

Yet as soon as the peace came, so did the anxiety... the fear. She started to sob again and then she prayed,

Lord, I'm tired. So tired. I can't run anymore. I don't know what I'm doing and I don't know what I should do. Open my eyes. Give me Yours. Help me to live like You desire. I'm afraid. Please take my fear. I can't do it, but I know, despite all of these hardships, that You can.

Tears began to fall again. Freeing tears. She wasn't afraid to let Him see them anymore. She was tired of hiding and tired of running away. She ran to Him. She let Him know her fears and her doubts and  He said the truth would set her free.

She was beginning to see how true that was. How true He is.

The doubts still linger and the fears still come from time to time. She's not out of the strange season, but she's seeking Him while there.

Even in the dark, He is light. Hold tight, y'all!


  1. So funny how there can still be so much peace in those crazy seasons. I feel like David so often flipping through the Psalms. Going from bursting with joy and praise to crying out in anguish an desperation. You're so right - hold tight! <3

    1. Thanks baby girl, for reminding me of His great love in the dark seasons. You're precious!


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