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This has been a very rough week. I have been in tears for most of it, but I'm so thankful that the Lord is as gracious as He is and has stayed with me, encouraging me through all of it.

As a result, I wrote this which I will now read every day. I hope He uses these words to bless your soul.

Today I am a new person.
I do not look to myself for strength, but to my Savior.
I give my all to Him as He gives His all to me.
I find strength to say no to sin through Him.
I will trust Him despite my feelings.
I will rest in Him despite my struggles.
I will turn from sin and run (run!) to Him.
I will learn from Him and follow. (<~ reference to Matthew 11:28)
I will fail.
I will fall.
My Savior is still great even as I fail Him because who He is does not depend on me.
He is perfect and by His blood I'm covered. (PRAISE DANCE!! HALLELUJAH!)

What truths has the Lord given you this week? Would love to hear about them!

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