When the storm comes...

There will be storms in life. Some are small and over quickly and some persist for a little while longer. In those storms of life it is important for us to cling to God. 
One of my greatest struggles has been realizing that my feelings don't determine truth. God is true. Always. My feelings? Not so much.
So, friend, whatever storm you're going through right now cling tight to Him. Even when your feelings are overwhelming and you're not sure you can go any further, rest in His strength. Everyday His strength keeps me going. Otherwise I would be overwhelmed beyond the point of living.
Lord, when the storms come in our lives and the trials come to test our faith, please help us to believe You. When doubts, worries, fears, anxiety, and whatever else that we may pass through in this life come, remind us that we are walking through life with You by our side and that is why we can press onward. Keep us going today, Father. Help us to rest in You.