Social Media Obsession (and one of the reasons I quit)

Everybody is on Facebook and Twitter, right? Not so. But there are quite a few people on there (to make an understatement). I want to start off by saying that I am not condemning anyone on Facebook or Twitter but am stating something that is close to my heart and has been blessing me in my relationship with God and others. Also, these are just my opinions.

Let me ask you a question: when was the last time you went without going on one social media website? How long did you stay off?

We go to church and people are on their phones.
The grocery store? People are on their phones.
Football games, walks, restaurants? Still on their phones.

I went out to eat with some sweet friends the other night and looked over at a family. The husband and wife were enjoying their meal and conversation. They laughed and looked fully alive and loving it, but their son stayed on his phone the whole time.

This is a problem.

We live in an extremely self-centered, me-first society and it just gets worse every day. Yet, I'm constantly reminded by some of my brothers and sisters in Christ of the fact that when Jesus is at the center, His love changes our selfishness into selflessness.

So I did something a little strange to the world... I quit Facebook and Twitter.

There were many things that lead up to me deleting them, and many times I had considered doing so. The more I was on those sites the more it became about looking Christian, while often times (sadly) I was neglecting the present and the gifts (people, time, life) God had given me. It was more about what picture I chose for that month as my profile pic than about ministering to others. And when I did minister to others it became painfully apparent that I was way too concerned with the retweets, favorites, or likes I got than anything else.

I would like to suggest a few questions for you tweeters and facebookers out there to ask yourselves and answer honestly:

  • Is this drawing me closer to the Lord and helping me love Him and others more or is it a distraction from those things?
  • Am I more concerned with pleasing others and making them like me or am I seeking to please the Father by being on here?
  • Am I being selfish or selfless? Does my life exemplify His character or my pride?
  • Is this eternally worthy? (Meaning will it last past this world?)
This isn't to say that we won't have these problems with pride and self-centeredness outside of our online life (because we will), but I think we should all question our motives in what we're doing and ask whether it's to glorify our Father in Heaven.

Also, ladies, do you really think it's so romantic being asked out over a Fb message? Yeah, me neither.

In case you were wondering, I have not regretted deleting either of those pages. Though, I do have some online friends that I miss talking with, I've learned to appreciate the people in my every day life much more, and not to just post Bible verses, but live them. :) Happy Friday!

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