Summer Fiction Series - Part 2

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Chrissy rolled over in bed for what seemed like the 100th time. She hated herself, how she felt, where she was at this point in her life. Yet, for the life of her she couldn't figure out a way to break free.
Just a few days before she had talked to someone who expressed no belief whatsoever in the Lord. She thought and prayed and then began her conversation, but he was more into arguing than talking. She prayed, ended the conversation, and went about her day.

But the Devil was working. He wanted to steal, kill, and destroy her for good.
Chrissy underestimated the Enemy and so she didn't prepare for battle as she should have. She went flippantly throughout her days, (for he had lead her to believe she was living "purposefully" even when she didn't follow her Lord's leading), and before long the doubts that were way, deep down started to surface.

Her Father had warned her. He had told her that trouble would come and she'd struggle to endure, but to not lose heart, to keep doing battle because she was not fighting for victory; victory was already hers through His Son! She knew that... yet today she chose to forget.

Depression seized her as struggled and wrestled with these doubts. Friends prayed, family encouraged, yet she was drowning in sorrow. She had forgotten that no condemnation existed for those in Christ Jesus, and so she felt that He was so angry with her for even thinking these thoughts.

"I have loved you with an everlasting love." 

Her thoughts became too much for her and Chrissy slowly slipped into deeper depression. She slept, got up to eat a little, then slept some more. This was her schedule for a few days. Sunday rolled around and still she was too depressed, too tired to do anything, but sleep some more.

Where was she going? Would she make it past the doubt? Was God still with her?

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