The Comparison Game- Let's Please Stop!

Skinnier. Healthier. Prettier. Smarter. Uglier. Dumber. Not as cool. Not as holy. Not as good. Nicer clothes. Bigger House. More valuable.

We all do it. Comparison is a "fun game" we like to play. We play it constantly. You notice a girl who wears a size smaller than you. You envy her and head straight to the gym. You notice a guy who always seems to be the life of the party. You commit to becoming more like him.

But why do we play it and what does it lead to?

We play it because we assume that outwardly or inwardly (or both) we don't measure up the way others we see do.

What does it lead to? Jealousy, anger, and hatred.

When we compare ourselves constantly to others and forget that we are children of God, made in His image, we lose sight of our identity and Satan jumps at us with attacks of how inferior we are.

How do we combat it?

GET IN THE WORD! When we equip ourselves with the Truth (and Jesus Christ and God's Word are the truth) we can fight back when we hear lies.

We also should seek to love others and ourselves more like God does (that's hard one, eh? Philippians 4:13. :) ). 1 Corinthians 13 is a great place to start. Pray that you would love others and yourself more like that.

This doesn't mean that you pretend like you're better than everybody else or that you can do everything. There are some people who are gifted in areas you aren't, just as there are areas you are gifted that they aren't. Acknowledge their gifts, be thankful for them, encourage them in using them to the glory of God and focus on that.

It's not about who is prettier or nicer or whatever. It's about letting our lights shine so that others may see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven. When we seek His kingdom, the things that seemed oh so important before just fall away. You begin to look at that person you once envied and love them/appreciate them because they are using their gifts to glorify God.

In no way am I close to ending this game we like to play, but each day I'm choosing to listen more to Him, less to myself, and less to the world. I'm learning to let Him define me and not my pants size.

God, be glorified.

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