Summer Fiction Series - Part 3

Well, it's Friday and it here's the final part of Chrissy's Story. You can catch up on all of them here. Hope you've enjoyed it! God bless you guys! <3

Chrissy got up this morning and bowed. She had found a new appreciation for His willingness to love her, take care of her, see her through.

She had been reassured by her pastor friend that she was not the first to undergo doubt- that even Billy Graham had had them, but that he had made his choice, and so she would have to do likewise.

Chrissy had made her choice. She chose to believe. All the fingerprints He had left on her life, all the times His love had embraced her, all the times His Word was spoken just perfectly to her at just the right time. She chose to ditch the pride, the unbelief, the arrogance, and chose to return to her First Love.

She began to get educated on how to flee the darts and arrows the Enemy would throw, and how to conquer her thoughts when they started to veer to dark places.

It was not an easy fight for Chrissy. It still isn't. She daily has to deny her flesh, lead her heart, take up her cross, and believe Him. This trial has led her closer to her Beloved and has taught her the importance of listening to Him first, and always.

Tonight she snuggles tightly in her covers. She smiles, thanking the Lord for this bed He allows her to borrow and sleep in. Amazed by how He has blessed her and thankful for His constant pursuit of her through her whole life, she recites Psalm 4:8 before drifting off to dream land...

"I will both lie down and sleep in peace, for You alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety."

And safety has always been found in His arms because the Enemy can never snatch you away from Him. 

Are you like Chrissy and going through some doubts of your own? Have you talked to God about it? A mentor? Your family? I would encourage you to talk it out and not be afraid of judgement. We have all been there, and those who haven't may go there sometime in the future (I pray and come out faithful still). The important thing is not to hide from God or the people who can help you walk through this. He loves you so much, friend! I pray you find rest in Him today. 

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