Through The Noise

All eight of us sat around a table at Cracker Barrel. We laughed at the jokes made, enjoyed a good meal, and began to pray for our friend who wasn't able to come after being in a serious car accident that will leave her with a long road of recovery and healing (but praise be to God that she's alive!).

It was loud in Cracker Barrel. I could barely hear anybody as we joined together to lift up this friend and others.

I was reminded that sometimes (most of the time?) life is noisy. We're tempted to stop just because there's noise, but can't the Father hear us just the same through the noise? Is it not we who suffer from not being able to quiet ourselves to hear from Him?

I have a confession to make. I really don't like being quiet. It scares me. In the quiet I have to fight harder (or so it seems) to keep my focus on Him than when I'm just going through my day. Questions arise, pain surfaces, doubts creep in, and I just don't like dealing with those things! I want to be joyful all the time, but I don't think I appreciate true joy as much as I do when I'm fighting the fight; when I'm going through the fire. Just because it's a fight doesn't mean I should stop being quiet before Him. It's after we push through the noise that the still, small Voice comes.

Just because it was noisy, didn't mean we stopped praying. We kept on.

How bad do we want to hear His voice?

Seriously. How bad?

Because if we really and truly want to hear from Him and follow Him and love Him then we will do whatever it takes.

Challenge: spend a few moments each day this week being silent before Him. Grab your Bible and your journal because those come in handy when we're seeking His voice and go to the park or your backyard or Starbucks (if you can focus there) and listen for Him to speak. Push through the noise, no matter how hard it is. Write down the ways He's speaking to you. Let's share them sometime soon, okay?

Love y'all!

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