Coming Back Stronger

The darkness will lift.
Jesus will come.
Hope will flood the soul and tears of thankfulness will flow.

I know this because God has shown up in my life time and time again (as He has these past couple of days).

You may not see it now. You may not feel His presence, but O child, He is here with us.
So keep singing.
Keep praying.
Keep seeking after Him.

Because He is faithful and does not lie.

I can't tell you why life so hard for you right now. Why these trials keep coming. But I can give you His words and pray they will be enough to quiet your soul:

"Jesus answered"It was neither that this man sinnednor his parents ; but it was so that theworks of God might be displayed in him." - John 9:3

Jesus was speaking of healing this man so that God's power may be displayed. Maybe the trials you're going through right now are so that His mighty hand may be displayed and He alone receive the glory for what He alone does.

Lord, receive our praise. Help us to trust You for you do not lie and are completely trustworthy. Forgive us when we forget that and help us to believe You at Your Word because You are our Almighty, Faithful and True Creator. Thank You for Your grace that sustains us through each trial. Hold us still, Father, in Your arms. Remove anything that resists You and help us to submit, regardless of what that entails. 


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