Frisbee, Grace, And Encouragement - Monday Reflections

Last night as I was getting ready to go to sleep I started thinking about the day I had just had. I played Frisbee with some cool people for a couple hours which prompted this post somewhat. Hope you get something out of it.

I think the Church works a lot like a good game of Frisbee (I know, I know. Stay with me, though. I believe God helped me see this).

You have 5, 6, 7, or 10 people tossing the Frisbee of encouragement towards our Savior back and forth. One person may not understand something that God has helped you understand so you encourage them with His wisdom revealed to you. Another person may have something to add that benefits our brother or sister and so the game* is going well. Then, a person who is going through a tough time falls into sin- i.e. drops the Frisbee- and now they feel like they can't possibly keep going after that mess up. I think this is when God picks up the Frisbee and says, "Okay, child. You messed up but My grace is more. Keep going." and with that He tosses the Frisbee for His children to catch and the encouragement keeps going. Grace pours down and encouragement flows.

What am I saying? Even when we "drop" or mess up, God picks us up. Even when we're failing, He provides people to walk alongside us because God knows we can't do it alone.

Oh, thank You, precious Father, that even we fail You, You still show grace and provide for us.

*To be sure, I am not saying following Christ is a game because it's not. This is just a parable of sorts.

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