Hang In There

Sometimes life isn't always happy. Sometimes finding the joy is the biggest battle you'll face today.

Because 13 people are dead after a shooting. And yesterday you had food in your teeth and nobody told you and you wish you didn't care so much about what you look like and other people's opinions of you and that you could just be content with the Lord and His love but He knows and you know... it's a fight.

His grace flows. His love pours.

The fears ring loud in your ear and He says, "Be still.". But you're scared and so you move and with each step you take you realize that He is still with you. Enveloping you with His presence and it's sweet.

His grace flows more. His love pours more.

So life isn't always happy or joyful and sometimes you'll cry yourself to sleep, but hang in there, sweetie, because we have hope. Always. Who is this hope? "Christ in you, the hope of glory."

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