September Favorites

Here are some posts I found really encouraging and thought provoking during the month of September. Hope y'all do as well.

When Life's Hard Breathe In - This guy is one of my new favorite bloggers. He is so real with his struggles and in it God is being glorified. Loved this post he wrote.

Jesus Is Not Your Sin-manager - I think we've all forgotten from time to time that Jesus didn't die just to manage our sin but to kill it. This post is super convicting and filled with truth.

12 Ways Sin Helps Us Understand The Bible - Gotta admit when I first read this I wasn't sure where David was going with it but after reading through it I thought it was really good.

How Long Must This Go On, Lord? - Very informative and relevant message to anybody suffering through something.

How To Offer And Receive Criticism - This was super helpful to me because I don't react (and as the writer points out, not many people do) well to criticism, let alone how to give it. This post is extremely helpful.

With that we say goodbye to September and hello to October. Cheers!

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