The Weak Win (But Not On Their Own)

In Judges 7 there is a pretty awesome (and true, might I add) story. The story is of the 300 men and Gideon and how the Lord delivers them from the Midianites.

There are many interesting and encouraging things in this chapter but in verse 2 a really interesting thing is spoken by the Lord. He tells Gideon that He (God) cannot deliver them from the Midianites with as many men as he (Gideon) has. Why? Because then Israel will boast in their strength and not God's strength.
Don’t we do that? And doesn’t God sometimes allow us to get so “stuck” in certain trials that we know only He can deliver us?

I’m prone to pride, y’all. I don’t think it’s just me but I can for sure tell you that it’s a problem that’s a daily battle so I definitely understand what God is saying here to Gideon about the pride of Israel. Moving on…
In verses 3-8 the Lord dwindles down this army with Gideon until there are only 300 men left. Guess how God chose them? He told Gideon that anyone who drank water like a dog- lapping with their tongues- they are the ones that God will use to deliver Israel from the Midianites.
Does that sound crazy to anyone else? Yeah. But don’t you kind of love it? God didn’t choose the strongest, the coolest (if you saw someone lapping water like a dog, would you think they were cool? I didn’t think so.), or shall we say the most qualified (according to the world’s standards) but He saw something in them. Maybe it was their willingness because verse 3 tells us that those who were afraid were told to leave and go home. Maybe they showed signs of humility so God could count on them to give Him the glory for the victory He allowed (all victory belongs to the Lord anyway. Check out Genesis 14:20). Or maybe the most obvious reason was (it's most obvious because it is stated in the text) God knew in their weakness HE is still strong. Woo! Powerful.

This encourages me because I know I’m not the most qualified person ever. I mess up every single day and struggle with things I should probably be “done” struggling over. But even in my failures Jesus has saved me. Even in my sin God chose me. Even in the trials He helps me. And why is that? Because He is my strength, salvation, and Rock. He alone deserves the glory because He alone is holy.
God fulfilled His Word and handed the Midianites into Israel’s hands. With 300 men they defeated many. What made the difference? The Lord.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31
I don't know your struggles but God does. Trust Him. Know that in your weakness God is still strong.

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