A Note Of Encouragement

Following Jesus requires sacrifice. Some are easier than others but all are necessary. I think sometimes we need the reminder that Jesus is worth it. That He won't give us anything too hard to handle with Him by our side. That He is enough.

But there will be days where He doesn't seem enough and life gets you down. There will be days where your pants fit too tight, everybody seems to be "hating", and all you want to do is stop. Don't.

We must learn to live by His truth regardless of our feelings.

Easy? No way. Important? Very much so.

Learning to live with His agenda in mind regardless of what's going on around you is not easy but I believe our Heavenly Father provides everything we need for every situation we go through. I believe that living life to His glory and for His kingdom is far more satisfying and blesses us more than we probably will ever know this side of Heaven.

Baby, drink deeply of His grace. Hold on. Know that He's been pursuing you and holding on to you all your life. You are loved. Keep pressing on because He will get you through. <3

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