Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Story - Monday Reflections

We all have a story. All of us are at some point in that story. Some of us are grieving, others are joyful. Some of us are praising, others are complaining. Some of us are struggling and some have just gotten out of a struggle.

All of us have a story that will be or is worth telling.

What I've learned and continue to be reminded of is that God knows our mistakes, He sees our failures and yet His plan isn't ruined by what we do. Read that again. His plan isn't ruined by what we do. Sure, we can make a simple path into a much more difficult one (are the Israelites coming to anybody else's mind?), but He still has a plan.

Some of you have, like me, looked back over the past few years of your story and grimaced. You may still do that when you look at your present. You see the failures, the mistakes, the ugly. We are far too self-centered. Instead we should redirect our focus to His hand of grace over and on our lives. Those mistakes and pains- have they brought you closer to God? Has He used those things to teach you lessons? Have you become better and wiser for them? PRAISE GOD. You can be disappointed in what you've done but you can't be disappointed with what God is doing because when He's done you will be a beautiful masterpiece of holiness. Not perfect this side of Heaven, but made new in the blood of the Lamb.

So don't be ashamed of your story. You can dislike things you've done in the past, but you can just as well praise God for how He has used those things to make you better. He uses even the bad for good. Thank You, Lord!

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