Examine Your Faith - Book Review

Examine Your Faith: finding truth in a world of lies* by Pamela Christian is a work of art.

To be honest I was both excited and scared to read this book. Pamela is very up front that you'll be uncomfortable at some point while you're reading the book, but, as she pointed out, if you don't examine what you believe now, you'll be forced to do so later.

Pam takes you through the 6 major religions of the world and respectfully shares what each belief system of those religions are, where they originated from, etc. I found that section of the book especially helpful. She follows up with sharing several testimonies of people who started out in one of the major 6 religions and later comes to know the One True God.

I have been both challenged and encouraged while reading this book. I was encouraged to see how solid the Christian faith is. I was challenged because you are still forced to ask questions that you aren't comfortable with and continue seeking Him despite the hard things.

Highly, highly recommend to everyone. Very insightful, easy to understand, and eternally- it matters.

*The first e-book I've ever read. Holla! (I'll stick with paperbacks though. ;) )

**I received a free e-book for the exchange of a review. All opinions and views expressed in this review are mine.


  1. Awesome review. Glad you enjoyed the book so much. Thanks for joining the blog tour. Have a super week!

    1. Thanks, Diane, for allowing me to be a part! God bless. :)


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