I'll be single for You

There are things the Lord speaks specifically to us that is meant for us and no one else (or maybe the better way to put that is no one around you currently).

For me that's being single.

Several years ago the Lord showed me that being single for Him is a gift. However, at times that gift has felt like anything but. To deny your flesh its wants is to pick up a sword and swing. The battle is tough, but Christ in us has won the victory.

So, the past few weeks I've been battling back and forth with my heart, mind, and soul. They have tugged on each other so much that at times all I could do was collapse on my floor and pray.

When God told me that part of His plan for my life was that "undivided devotion" that Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 7 (verse 35), I was alright with that. I was excited! Now that I'm older and watch friends date and get married I have to ask myself- am I still excited to be single for the cause of the Kingdom?

I have asked myself that question several times and here's the answer:

While at times it's discouraging and painful and scary, I know He is equipping me for the task He has in mind. Though I have a small idea of what that looks like, He sees the big picture and I bet it's far better than I could imagine.

My prayer tonight is simple but heartfelt: I'll be single for You if it means being in Your will.

That's it.

What's He speaking to you that you need to give in to? You never know how 1 month or 5 years down the road He will use that very thing to advance His kingdom, change your life, and use you to change others. Submit.

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  1. This is so encouraging to me, sister! You are not alone, I promise. The Lord has called me to the same thing for a few years. And I definitely feel you - it's SO difficult some days. When I feel discontent in my singleness I'll begin praying for you, too! I love you girl, and thanks for your transparent heart!


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