Trials and thanks

I woke up this morning with discouragement pitted deep within my stomach.

Discouragement is not of God. Resist it.

I get out of bed and start praying because I can do nothing on my own and know how much I need Him. These trials are mere reminders. Little gifts of grace.

As I am praying the Lord reminds me of how much I have to be thankful for. How many times have I complained this week? this month? this year? TOO much.

I get saddened and even more discouraged but why should the mistakes of my past dictate the promises and hopes for the future?

So I write:
Lord, there is so much to be thankful for in this day. Help me to find those things and thank You for them.

I've gone through this day seeking to be a little more thankful to my Beloved, my Savior. Have I failed? Yes. Did I thank Him more today than yesterday? That remains to be seen. However, step-by-step I am seeking to praise Him in the little things as well as the big in each day.

Lord Jesus, help me.

What are you thankful for? Have you complained more than you've thanked the Lord? How can you move towards thankfulness and away from complaints?

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