Jesus On Every Page - Book Review

Okay, so it normally never takes me a month or more to read a book... but this book is one that you must take your time on.

I've been blessed with an amazing Sunday school teacher, who for the past few months (and really ever since I've known her), has spoken on Jesus in the Old Testament. Naturally, when I saw this book and read what it was about I knew I had to pick it up.

David Murray takes you on a journey of seeing the Bible as one great story of our beautiful Savior. He does a fantastic job of showing you Christ in many different Books of the Bible (including Song of Solomon... chapter 16. That happened to be one of my favorite parts). While Christ may not be mentioned by name in these Books, it is hard to deny that He is most definitely there.

I think it's odd how completely blind we are to the fact that Jesus isn't just in the Gospels. He's in Genesis, He's in the Psalms, He's all over the Bible!! However, I am thankful for this book which God is using to open eyes (which includes mine).

This book is roughly 200 pages and is a somewhat dense read. It's not really a sit down with a cup of coffee and relax kind of book. It's more of an intense study to finding the One that brings life to us. God has used this book to increase my thirst for Him and to really seek to see Christ in everything in the Word. I would suggest reading with your Bible in hand, a pen, and probably a highlighter too. I would also strongly suggest opening any time you spend reading this book in prayer because it will be difficult understand without the help of the Holy Spirit.

Great book for anybody wanting to study the Old Testament and find even more of our Savior.

*Note: I received this book for free in exchange for a review.

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