Thanksgiving Rest

I went to bed guilty.

I should stay up and sort this out, right, LORD? That's what You want me to do, right?

But the thoughts swirling and the heart racing and the anxiety filling was too much for this frail body.
And it was in my weakness that I saw His strength.

I do not slumber. I do not sleep. I AM will take care of you.

"He will not let you fall.
    Your guardian will not fall asleep.
Indeed, the Guardian of Israel never rests or sleeps." - Psalm 121:3-4

So my Protector, my Guardian let me sleep and I woke up and His Word came again in one form: rest. "Rest in Me.", He said.

But isn't it so backwards from the world? The world that says figure your life out before you leave high school and hop into college. Know who you'll marry, when you'll marry, be sure you marry. Get a good job, a great job, one that pays a lot of money. Figure. it. out.

But I can't. You see, all I know is Jesus. All I know is that He'll take care of me and if I don't understand the trials it's okay. It's okay. Ah, but my heart and mind play tug of war. Is it okay? Yes. Yes, it is.

I choose to give thanks to the God who knows it all and has it all figured out. That's why I can be okay when I'm not, because He always is. Is it easy? No. Do I get it right every day? Definitely not. But today is Thanksgiving and I choose in His grace to be thankful for these times where He reminds me that I can't do it. That only He can and He will strengthen me to get through the trials. I choose to participate in Thanksgiving rest in Christ Jesus, my Savior. Amen. Thank You, LORD.

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