Love is risky, and scary, and...

Love is risky. Love is scary.

Loving God and loving others and inviting others into your life to love you. All of it is so. super. scary.

But we don't tell people that usually, do we? Naw. 'Cause love in the movies says it's always perfect, always beautiful, never messy, never hard, never unsure, never confused, never awkward, never... fill-in-the-blank.

But that love isn't real. That love is false.

True love is laying down your life. True Love laid down His life on a cross for you and for me.

It blows my mind. Why? Because I'm such a selfish, immature, sometimes annoying person.

But I follow this True Love in laying down my life (or at least attempting to) and learning to give selflessly to Him and to others. I get it wrong a lot more than I get it right, but I'm blessed to have a gracious Savior.

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