Actively seeking

160 pages in, 4 hours later, and 2 journal pages filled, I'm almost done with Anything by Jennie Allen.

We all have that ache at some point in our lives to go beyond our normal and embrace what God wants us to do- bringing glory to His name.

Not easy. Definitely worth it.

It saddens me how quickly I can embrace God's will and miss it within consecutive days and sometimes hours. Yet His grace is enough for me at all times.

I'm struggling to figure out what His will looks like in my life. I desire something beyond the American dream, beyond the "normal" and yet somehow I fail to glorify my God in the normal. So I think maybe the challenge is to learn to glorify God in the mundane so if and when the "radical" comes you're prepared to embrace it too for it is no different from your mission every day of your life.

God, help us. Help us be about Your glory and Your mission no matter what it looks like. 

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