I want my life to matter

I want my life to matter.

Words that have been prayed, written in my journal, prayed some more, spoken to others... and tonight God gave me a small glimpse of what a life that matters looks like.

We walk through life sometimes completely unaware of the people watching us; completely unaware of the people God can impact through us. We (I) think it's all about us (me) when we're here to glorify Him and point others to this great God of love and mercy.

What ways does your life matter?

Maybe you talk to that one person everyone else ignores.

Or maybe you see the potential in others that they can't see themselves and point them towards the life God has for them.

Maybe you quietly serve in the background, not looking to receive the praise or credit but looking to be of service because you love Christ and those around you.

Maybe you take the time to sit and pray before every church service that God would send an outpouring of His Spirit.

Those things matter. More than any of us may know. Oh friend, it matters what you do. Always.

Serve God in the small things and He'll for sure be glorified in the big stuff too. Seek His glory above all. Seek Him. I'm preaching to myself.

Sometimes I think going to a third world country would be awesome because then I'll be able to witness as much as I want and have so many opportunities and blah blah. But let's be honest. That's looking at world missions in this glimmering light that makes everything look smooth and perfect when you'll really be met with mess and hard.

"You don't have to go anywhere to minister if you minister everywhere you go."

I'm learning what that looks like in my life. It's hard, it's scary, but it's also exciting and rewarding.

God, live through us and be glorified.

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