Perfection, hope, and the world that screams there is none.

You wanna know what makes me mad?

The appearance of perfect lives.

You know what makes me madder? Not being able to actually live a perfect life.

I see pictures of smiling girls with babies on their hips, or people with lifted hands praising the Father God and in those moments life seems perfect. Seems.

But then reality sets in. The darkness falls over us. The fallen world we live in screams, "There's no hope!" and sometimes, if I'm being honest, I believe it. I feel it. Deep within me.

It's in the moments where hope seems lost that's it's most important to cling to Hope- Jesus.

It's on the days where depression is looming in the shadows, my feet feel heavier than anything, my breath becomes short and labored, and my mind becomes the biggest battlefield I've ever known that I look to Him.

"Trust in the Lord forever,
    for the Lord God is an everlasting rock." - Isaiah 26:4

I read this verse yesterday and a peace settled over me knowing that my God is the ROCK. He is sure and stable. Not only is He is the Rock, but He is the Rock ETERNAL (or everlasting). Never changing. Forever. Hallelujah!

I'm able to live and breathe today, not perfectly, not even close, but all because of Jesus. All because HE is the Rock Eternal and I can stand firm through Him. I'm a mess sometimes (read that: pretty much all the time), but I'll keep living and hoping and dreaming because in the LORD, I can.

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  1. Oh Tara, once again you are so on point. Saying the things I am often too scared to even whisper. Thank you precious girl! xo


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