Light flickering in the dark

Four walls and darkness surround. You huddle in this space, scared to breathe, bracing yourself for the panic, the fear, and the pain that you've come to know for so long. 

But then something happens.

There is that little corner you're huddled in a light begins to flicker. First, it's just a little flick and then gone. But you let yourself relax a little, hoping against hope that maybe this time it'll come back- and stay.

As you continue straining those beautiful eyes in the darkness the light flickers again... and again... and again.

Faith and hope turn on and you start to breathe a little easier. 

His presence seems a little stronger and then fear seems a little weaker and you praise- for the first time in a long time- real, true, authentic praise to this God of light, though your voice be strained from the weeks of sobbing and the prayers that seemed unending. 

Because what looks hopeless and faithless and dark and scary, might be for a season, but keep the faith even when it's hard because one day His Light will shine brighter than ever before and you can sing the thanks loud and clear. 

"Wait for the LORD;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD." 
- Psalm 27:14

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