The faithfulness of our God

I'm listening to Kari Jobe, crossing the street, and out of no where a car hits me.

You think I'm kidding?


Instantly, my mind goes crazy. Shock ensues.

I just got hit by a car. Oh my gosh! God, please help me.

I'm on the road. I'm looking at the back tire of the car that hasn't stopped yet and I hear, "Roll." So I did. I rolled out of the way.

I stand up and then the driver of the car hops out to ask if I'm okay. I say yes and they ask if they can give me a ride home. Um, no thanks. You just hit me, so I think I'll walk.

I make my way to the side of the road where I can examine myself to see what injuries I may have. A messed up ankle and a pretty nice looking scrape to my leg.

But that was all.

Compared to what could have happened, broken bone(s), broken face, head injuries, or death... I couldn't help but say thank You, Lord over and over. Because of His goodness and faithfulness and grace I lived. Hallelujah!

As this holy week continues I've had more gratitude in my heart than I've had in a long time. My Sunday school teacher told my class to read Psalm 136 every day this week. I didn't just read it, though. I was blessed enough to live it. Thank You, Father!!

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever." - Psalm 136:1

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