Daughter of Highland Hall - review

I adore love stories. When I read the first book of this series, The Governess of Highland Hall, I knew it was a series I would want to continue reading. With the release of the second book of the series, Daughter of Highland Hall, I was not in the least disappointed.

Daughter of Highland Hall tells the story of young Kate who is to be presented in London and to find someone to become her husband. She catches eyes with a man named Edward, but soon after realizes that maybe the riches and big houses and fancy dresses are not what she desires in life. As she seeks to follow the Lord more her heart's desires become clearer. She meets a man, but does she fall in love with him? Does she find all she longs for? (Hmm.. have to read the book for that piece of information).

I read this book rather quickly and found each page delightful. Carrie did another excellent job and I look forward to reading the 3rd book of this series which is to be released next October.

For those familiar with Downtown Abbey, you will enjoy this book as the writing style and time period are very similar. If not, then to all the romantics at heart, you will definitely find this book thrilling and enjoyable.

*Note: I received a free copy in exchange for a review.

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