Palace of Darkness review

Cassia is a nice young woman with a very difficult husband and a wonderful son. When tragedy strikes Cassia makes a choice that forever alters both her life, her son's life, and the people who soon become friends... or enemies.

Palace of Darkness is a page turning thriller. I must admit that the first chapter had me a little down because it just seemed to start slow, but as I progressed through the book I ended up really enjoying this author's writing style and how the story continued. It's definitely a hard one to put down.

I really liked how the author, Tracy L Higley, placed so much emphasis on the Lord in this fiction book. I was really impressed to be honest because that's not easy to do. I also liked how the character's all seemed to have very realistic lives and how relatable they were even though it's based back in Biblical days.

I give this book a 9 out of 10. Highly recommend to all fiction readers. You won't be disappointed with this one.

Note: I received this book for free in exchange for a review.

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