Christmas Undone And The New Year Almost Begun

Christmas can be such a crazy time and by the grace of God, I've missed of the craziness.

Until this year.

This year was different. The struggle to find peace was real and the to-list/to-get list was a lot longer and more time consuming than expected. But I managed to make it through and get the gifts and go to the parties and have a genuine smile on my face (despite being sick on Christmas Eve. Yuck.).

But then my church family had a few unexpected deaths. As I was praying for them one night, I felt conviction. They weren't running around searching for gifts or seeking help getting the house decorated for Christmas because their loved one was not there anymore.

Perspective changer.

They didn't have the stress of finding that "just right" gift because that person was no longer with them and wow... can I say we might be missing out on the great gifts God has placed all around us that aren't things at all??

How I've missed this. The people. The people, y'all, are the beautiful ones. The blessed ones. The chosen ones. The gifted ones. THE GIFTS. God gave us companionship after He sent His only Son to save us. After giving us the GREATEST GIFT, He gave us many others to bless our lives year after year.

What do we do to show people we care? That we love them? That we cherish them? That they are wonderful?

This thought left my Christmas a little undone because it just seems ludicrous to only enjoy people and appreciate people and show them love on Christmas day. Shouldn't we be seeking to pray for them, listen to them, love them, hug them just because, buy them a gift because we want them to know their thought about... all year long?

Oh, but it's not too late. The New Year is coming and with that I have resolved to love God better, myself better, and others a whole lot better because the people in my life are the gifts and I love them.

What's some of your new year resolutions? Has God spoken anything to your heart lately?

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