Honesty and comparison and where does it stop?

Long time no posts.

I know. Sorry. :/

Lots of stuff to do and lots of excuses.

But here I am. Sitting at my computer, ready to type.

I am tired. Of? Of us (all the peoples) constantly comparing ourselves to other people. Where did we get the idea that we're supposed to be like them when all throughout God's Word it points us to our Creator and how He has made us unique. 

Maybe guys won't admit it, ladies, but they compare themselves too. Maybe not as much as we do, but they do it. They compare their cars, how strong they are, whether their paycheck is adequate enough, whether their future career or current career is 'good enough', etc.

We girls compare our bodies, our hair, our looks, our sass (''how fast you come back, girl?''), our abilities, our homes, etc.

My comparisons? Honestly? Here goes...

Her Bible is more studied than mine.
I wish my body looked like hers.
Does my hair always have to be so stupid... why can't it be that way?
Does she have emotional breakdowns like me?
Do they think I'm crazy?
Why can't my makeup look as good as Amada Ensing (youtube)?!
Will I always be second rate to everybody else?

That final line is the killer. Literally. It kills our joy, our purpose, our happiness, our love, our contentment, and our relationship with God and others.

How do we stop this comparison game?

Getting to know God more and getting to know what His Word says more is true and a good place to start, but I also think it all starts with honesty.

Honestly looking in the mirror and understanding that my size 13 pants don't make me an ugly fat overeating food machine. Understanding that today's society is too obsessed with looks and not enough with character and godliness. It's honestly knowing that maybe you do like to eat a little too much or that maybe you spend too many hours on your phone or maybe shopping every weekend isn't the best solution to stress (but it makes us happy, right ladies?! ;) ). These are the things that make us, us... flaws and all.

Maybe your Bible isn't as studied as that girls. Maybe your relationship with God is deepening somewhere outside of the pages... maybe it's in a journal or a prayer time or a conversation with someone or maybe it's just a change of attitude.

Maybe you shouldn't eat as much, not because you want to be skinny like that girl, but because your body is God's temple and more valuable than abusing it with food.

Maybe distracting yourself from life by staying on your phone isn't a good solution for more than 30 minutes, but maybe after you've played Candy Crush (or... what game do you play?) or looked at Instagram, maybe after that we need to put it away and deal with the stuff bothering us through prayer and God's help.

There are sins and there are imperfections in all of us. There are fights and laughter. There are tears and smiles. There are messes and there are clean rooms somewhere with happy parents. ;) There are people. People God loves. People God made. People God has redeemed and people God is sanctifying. Some days you'll compare yourself to others and wonder why you don't look like ____ and why you aren't holy like _____, but for those days let's look at the Cross and remember the only perfect Man who ever lived was Christ.

Let's remember that.... you... even now.... are.............................................

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