NKJV Study Bible -Review

One of my favorite Bibles I've ever had is this thick Life Application study Bible. I studied that Bible every day for a few years. So when I saw the NKJV study Bible I knew I wanted to get it.

This Bible is a really wonderful study Bible. It has cross references on every page. It has study notes as well as little articles around the text. Keeping in mind that these notes are not God's holy Word they merely help us study iit. It also has maps at the back to see locations and things like that. It has a beautiful imitation leather and is very well made. It's pretty light so it's also great for taking with you.

All in all this would be a great gift for yourself or someone you know.

*Note I received a complimentary copy for the purpose of reviewing.


Uninvited-book review

I have felt it. The feeling of never being good enough. Not fitting in just right. Thinking I'm too fat, too dumb, too ugly, too bad and so forth. Not a day goes by that I don't battle one of those at some point.

Lysa Terkeurst is one of the realest authors I've read from. She is soooo fun to read from. She's funny, godly, wise and very down to earth in her writing. I have 2 other books by her and they are really good.

However, Uninvited is easily hands down my favorite book by her. Like ever. I read it a week at a time and its such a blessing. I found my intimacy with the Lord soared. She covers all the main areas us ladies tend to obsess over and places it in light of the Lord and who he says we are. What a blessing!!!

This book is a 10 out of 10. I recommend all ladies to read it. This is something I know the Lord will use to set women free. Definitely go pick this up and savor every piece of truth the Lord gives you.

*note: I received a free copy for the exchange of a review.



My heart burns within me.
There's a pain that does not go away. Depression, discouragement, disappointment?
They all feel the same somehow.

I've forgotten Him.
Not totally. But enough to sense His absence in my life.
No, He didn't leave. I did. I moved away to pursue the muck.
It's been enough. Until today.
I want You, Lord. I need You, Lord.
Why do I always run away from the ones I love?

Jesus, will You help me?


The Blessing of Humility

Jerry Bridges has been one of my favorite authors for a long time. I enjoy reading any book that is backed up with Scripture and is not preachy about how to live your life. I don't feel condemned or judged, I feel convicted and encourage when I read his books.

The Blessing of Humility is no different. He fills this book with Scripture and gently pushes all of us (including himself) to the cross of Christ and His help, healing, and humility.

Pride is the downfall in our lives far too often. The essence of why we sin is because pride tells us we know better than God. Well, Bridges, challenges us to stop giving in to those sinful tendencies and to lean upon the Lord. He goes through 8 chapters of brilliant chat leading you through the Beatitudes from Matthew and how they apply to true humility.

I need more humility in my life for sure. How about you?

Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.

I Don't Wait Anymore

I have followed Grace Thornton's blog for a very long time. Something about her honesty and story telling abilities just hits my spirit in a good way. Her ability to take ordinary events and show the hand of the Lord in them is something admirable to me.

Well, of course, when I found out she was writing a book titled, I Don't Wait Anymore, I knew I was definitely going to get it.

I have not been let down at all by this book. The same wonderful writing that accompanies Grace's blog is also found within this book. She is witty, funny, faith-filled and passionate. Her heart is threaded neatly throughout this book. She tells stories of messes and God's hand in them and dogs in fields and leading the way home and travelling and there isn't much else to desire within this book to be honest.

To top it off, the layout of this book is beautiful and trendy with tribal printed arrows on each page as well as crisp, clear font on beautiful lily-white pages. (To some this won't matter, to my book friends out there, I know you get this. ;) )

If you're looking for a summer read that's deep but not too deep and filled with adventure, well you've found it. Don't wait (pun intended) to get this book. It's so good!

Note: I received a copy in exchange for a review.


NKJV Chronological Study Bible - review

The NKJV Chronological Study Bible from Thomas Nelson is a gorgeous Bible.

This Bible offers countless study paragraphs on Biblical times and the culture from which the Word of God was written from. There are full color photos on most of the pages that go alone with what you're reading, in addition to the obvious, everything be put into chonological order. This Bible also has maps and note taking space located at the back.

I like this Bible very much. It comes in two different imitation leathers- the one in this photo, as well as a stone and navy blue color. Both are gorgeous and would make for a wonderful gift for those graduates you know.

The only thing I wish this Bible had was wider margins. If you have tiny handwriting then you could probably write alright in the margins, but for me my handwriting is big and there's not much room for it.

All in all, a wonderful product and great Bible for all ages.

Note: I received a free copy in exchange for a review.

Night Driving - review

Depression hangs thick in my life quite often.
Sometimes is subtler than usual and other times it's right in my face, all up in my business, taking the joy and happiness that once was mine.

Stories like Addie Zierman's in, Night Driving, are very much a comfort to me.

Addie decided to take her 2 kids on an across the country trip that proved to be very hectic and crazy, but it wasn't just in search of a beach or different surroundings- it was for something much more valuable. Addie is really on a search for true faith in God. Not the youth group, Christian concert filled, over the mountain top experience. No, something real and true and good.

I've been there. Or I am there? Seeking. Searching. Wanting God and yet not sure exactly how to find Him. I'm asking, but I'm tired. Addie shows these same feelings among others in her book.

I love a good truth telling book and Addie delivers. What's amazing to me is this is not the book that tries. You know, the one where everything is tidied up in a nice bow at the end. The one where everything works perfectly out and we're all smiling and assured by the end. This is not the book that is preaching at you. I like how Addie shows her struggles, her "ugly" sides (if you will) and is just real. I have ugly sides. I have struggles. I CAN RELATE.

Thank God for honest writing. Thank God for Addie. Whether she knows it or not, God is working through her book. He reminded me I'm not alone. I was so comforted while reading this. I smiled, laughed, teared up, I had all the feels.

Depression and loneliness in the midst of people and looking for God can all be found in this book, but also hope can be found. Hope that this is not the end. God is still working on us. Thank God for the work.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.


Siren's Song - review

Siren's Song is the perfect ending to an amazing trilogy written by the lovely, Mary Weber.

I read both of the previous books in less than a week. The romance, thrilling fights, and comical sarcasm produced in these books makes for the most enjoyable of reading experiences.

Mary is a talented author to say the least. Her characters Nym, Eogan, Miles, and Draewolf are hard to forget and impossible to reproduce.

This book picks up exactly where the last one left off, with Nym wondering what in hulls (you'll also pick up the language after reading one of the books. ;) ) is going on with Eogan and why she is always in the middle of a crisis.

You'll follow along the path of war, romance, and pain as Nym fights to save all that matters to her.

This book is a 5 out 5 and must read for fantasy lovers. Not a dull moment in the whole book. Highly recommend.

Note: I received a free copy in exchange for a review.


A Refuge At Highland Hall - review

I have read the two previous books in this series from Carrie Turansky and they were both wonderful reads, however, for me this book was different.

My personal opinion was that this book was eerily similar to the tv show, Downton Abbey. What I mean by that is I thought quite a bit of it was very much inspired and somewhat changed to fit writing style, and yet some of the situations were very similar to those I've seen in that show.

I am not accusing her of having ripped off the tv show's script or anything of the sort, just I was looking for the different situations and experiences that I have read in her two previous books in this series.

If you like that show, you'll like this book to be certain. However, if you're looking for something a little different with a bit of a twist, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book to you.

Note: I received a copy of this book for the exchange of a review. All views and opinions expressed are mine.


The Calling - review

It's very rare to come across an author who can combine fantasy, mystery, romance, and thrill all into one book, but Rachelle Dekker has done it again with her latest book from the Seer novel series, The Calling. 

As with her first book, The Choosing, the second book in this series is a 5 out of 5 stars.

Some of the same characters from the first book are in this book and there are a few new ones you'll be introduced to. Some you may like, some you might not, but that won't keep you from reading this for sure.

The story picks up with Remko, Carrington, among others, following Aaron, learning to release their fears and rest. The first book introduced the truth they were coming to believe and the second book shows you how they are relying on and deepening this belief. As the first book followed more of Carrington's dialect, so the second one follows her husband, Remko Brandt's. If you're worried that his perspective won't be as interesting you can go ahead and cast that aside, because this book is a page turner!

I wanted to find something to sound a bit more objective.. something I thought could be done differently, but I can't find one thing I don't like about this book. It's so different from anything I've read and filled with so much truth that I will probably keep this series for the rest of my life and read it over and over.

I am continually impressed with Rachelle's writing ability. This is definitely her calling and gift from the Lord. I am so thankful for the opportunity to read her book. So much thanks to Tyndale for the early copy of it.

Rachelle, if you see this, well done sister!! Keep writing because you are touching hearts. <3

Note: I received this book for the exchange of a review.


Musing part 1

She awoke from her dream.

What could this mean? she thought.

Alarmed she thought back for a moment. She remembered talking to a pastor. She remembered standing before him, then sitting down. Tired. Worn. Seeking answers to the things she was doing wrong.

She remembered asking him about salvation, about whether her works saved her or grace did or if it was a combination of the both that the Lord was looking for.

She didn't remember a response from this pastor... not really... it was a dream after all and not everything stands out in them... however, she did remember something- a verse. Or maybe fragments of it... those who love the Lord keep His commands. 

Well what could this mean? She contemplated... maybe she was looking for the wrong things... asking for something she already had. Salvation was something she was pretty sure she had, but love for the Lord? Maybe not so much. Maybe in her dream she asked the question on her heart and the Lord answered with the real root of the problem.

Maybe she was praying for the wrong thing.
Maybe joy in her life looked more like loving and less like constant doing...maybe she had it a little wrong... or a lot.


Breaking Busy

Review coming soon....

Just a few heads up, I think this book is gonna be an amazing read because business creeps up so fast and can damage so much if we do not handle it properly. I also think that learning to handle things according to God´s Word will really help us be successful. Also, I just really like books written by fellow sisters in Christ. :)


Rest Assured - review

I will be honest and say I have not gotten to read much of this book.

However, I have read enough to tell you that I really like Vicki Courtney. She has such an authenticity to her writing. It definitely comes out like a friend giving you a good chat, not lik
e a preacher yelling things at you, telling you what you have been doing wrong so long.

Rest Assured is a book acknowledging the restlessness that all people, but especially us ladies, feel.

Vicki takes you on a journey to finding that rest in the Lord and what it looks like. This book includes some questions that you might find helpful to reflect upon while you read as well as space to record your thoughts on them. These are called ¨Rest Stops¨ and I really like that because this is probably the most precious time of reading you will do, when you actually stop the doing and reflect. As least for me, this is very helpful.

Of course this book is packed with Scripture and stories and insights that Vicki has. It makes for a very enlightening book.

The only thing I would change is maybe the length of the chapters. They are a little wordy for my taste and can cause problems in getting through the book. However, that is just my personal preference/opinion. I prefer to have more chapters which are shorter in length as opposed to having a few chapters which are quite lengthy. Again, just a preference.

All in all, this is a great book for women and I would recommend.

Note: I received this book for the exchange of a review. All views expressed are mine.

40 days of decrease - review

I have never read anything by Alicia Britt Chole. I saw this book, 40 Days of Decrease, and thought, that sounds amazing and exactly like what I need.

So I started it.

I have been greatly encouraged and challenged by this book. Alicia´s goal is for people to draw closer to the Lord and decrease many different things in the process.

For me, it is material excess that I have to be careful about and not over buy or hoard things. I have been challenged while reading this book to let Christ fill up those places that seem empty.

This book is made to be used for Lent, it includes several passages in the Bible as well as paragraphs from various people to educate about Lent and some traditions or insights into it. There is a suggested Bible passage for each day as well as a journaling space included.

Obviously this book is great to use as a devotional any time, as I have been doing. Alicia offers a tiny glimpse into her big heart for God on each page. She does not just challenge to get away from things, but also to look to Christ instead of others things such as regret, what we lack, or our mistaken identity as told to us by the world. I am so happy that I have gotten to read this and draw closer to Christ.

I recommend to anyone looking to get away from excess in the world and increase their love and hunger for God.

Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.


Lay It Down - review

Bill Tell believes that freedom is at the heart of the gospel. He says it is why he wrote Lay It Down. I have to agree with him. Jesus came to give us freedom from all the sin that brings us into bondage. He came to give us Himself and show us a life of true freedom.

I thoroughly enjoy a book filled with Scripture. I think it brings us to the right mindset and helps our hearts along when we read books, to actually be filled with truth. Truth is a part of being free, no?

I originally got this book because I wanted to see how the other authors in The Navigators wrote. It seems to me that he writes just as wonderfully as the others that I have read books from. Bill Tell´s heart really seems to be sincere in wanting to share the truth of the gospel with the world. I think that is quite admirable.

If you are looking for a new start to this new year and wanting to start off on the right foot, I think this book would be a good option.

*I received this book for the purpose of a review.